I did the dumbest possible thing you could do while wet and stepping out of the shower: jump. My thong in my flip flop broke and for some bright reason, I thought, I’ll jump over the ledge getting out of the shower.

I am happy no one saw me sprawled but naked on the floor. Thank God I raised my bottom off the floor during the fall. So I was more in a revealing open legged position on all fours rather than sprawled.

Either is just as embarrassing as the other.

Guess who’s VIP and working with the Launch Music Festival this weekend?! ^_^

headed into town tomorrow morning to start set up for the launch music festival! whoop whoop! 2 days until panic!

well i officially signed my life over once again on a role-playing site for Hogwarts. join me at hogwartsishere! i’m in slytherin and i’m probably gonna flunk out of muggle school now. 

my profile is homeathogwarts

I had this really weird dream that Nat from community channel on YouTube got my address and came and found me because she was looking for someone else from YouTube that she thought I would know and it turned out to be this random girl from one of my classes that I don’t even pay attention to and she was this huge YouTube star as well and what even.